Portcullis company profile

Portcullis is not new to the security market place, with the foundations of our company dating back to the mid-80s. It is fair to say that a lot has changed over the past three decades, but the fundamental principles of why organisations perform information security have remained constant. Private information needs to remain confidential. There is a need to trust the integrity of information. That information needs to be available when it is required. Our areas of expertise deliver this.


Security testing tells our clients exactly where they stand with regards system security. What and how we test continues to change, but the motivations remain the same; our clients have questions, we deliver the answers.

Incidents can and do happen. When there is an issue, Portcullis can be relied upon to have the expertise to respond, manage and restore our client’s faith in their own systems. The more that can jointly be done to refine this process ahead of time, the better.
Information security is not just about the tech, so much of the overall security posture is embedded in company culture, policy, process and standards. Working in business terms, our consultants can advise on how to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In order to keep our clients up to date, and to ensure we remain industry leaders Portcullis has, and always have had, a very strong commitment to research. Research benefits the community, our company and our clients. It costs, but it is worth it.
Across all service areas, our aim is to take the best consultants, understand what the client needs, wrap this skill and knowledge up in efficient processes and then deliver on our promises. Technical expertise alone is not enough; it has to be delivered effectively and for the right reasons.

One of the challenges of information security is the constant change; threats continue to evolve, the use of technology changes and business constantly wants better access to more information. Security cannot stand in the way of this. Portcullis enables our clients to take advantage of new concepts by helping them understand the risks and how to manage them.

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