Tried, Tested and Proven

Information Security Consultancy

In the 20 years since our company’s foundation as a technical service provider, Portcullis has become an industry leader in the information security field. Our consultancy services have consistently grown with the business, as we adapt to and learn from our experiences within the information security sector.

This is reflected within the skills and capabilities of our Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) consultancy team. Their role is to focus on helping clients to understand how best to meet their security requirements and to create a comprehensive and reliable approach to their information security across the spectrum; including people, processes and technical standards.PortcullisComputerSecurity

Clients engage Portcullis consultancy services with a view to gaining an independent, educated perspective on their current business processes. Our clients are then able to take a step back from this review process and allow us to highlight skill gaps, business risks and any other information security weaknesses, without bias from the existing attitudes of current employees.

Across the range of consultancy services we offer, we stand by 3 guiding principles which enable us to thoroughly meet a client’s requirements and expectations:

  1. Every Portcullis consultancy offering must provide an accurate, objective summary of our client’s current security approach and a solution which is viable in real-world circumstances. We provide specific objectives which are practically achievable in line with our client’s capabilities and time requirements. This ensures that our projects all provide a genuine improvement to our client’s security posture.
  2. Our consultancy must provide realistic threat landscape advice. With so much unreliable information in the public domain regarding the nature of threats, it is vital that Portcullis focuses on our client’s unique circumstances to identify which threats genuinely face their organisation.
  3. We select implementation methods which integrate with minimal disruption and suit each client’s individual environment. This simplifies implementation and reduces long-term overheads.

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