Welcome to the Public Sector Show page – 2015

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The Public Sector show 2015 is the largest of its kind aimed at addressing the issues and challenges the public sector faces.

Portcullis aims to meet these challenges as a GCloud 6 supplier with a varied list of service offerings available on the Digital Marketplace

Below are just a few service offerings available, visit the Digital Marketplace to see them all.

Red Teaming and Threat Modelling

Portcullis offers a range of services for organisations pushing beyond the limits of typical security testing services, often referred to as intelligence-led testing or red teaming encompassing threat modelling, scenario based testing and Portcullis’ own RedIntel service. These services are the inspiration behind our CBEST & CSTAR services. Read more…

Governance Risk and Compliance

Information security Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) provides the overlay that allows an organisation to understand their information security requirements and to provide the people, policy and processes to consistently and demonstrably deliver this. Portcullis provides consultancy at all levels to help organisations achieve this. Read more…

Social Engineering

Portcullis conducts both social engineering and physical security reviews. The two go hand-in-hand, because in some circumstances there is a need to test a control (social engineering) and in others an audit provides a more comprehensive view of effectiveness. Portcullis can also combine technical compromises to build more complex scenarios. Read more…

Training Services

Portcullis has long been an advocate of knowledge sharing and our training courses are one of a number of platforms for achieving this. Offering standardised courses and developing bespoke courses and workshops. The standardised course covers infrastructure penetration testing, application penetration testing and secure application development. Read more…

Digital Forensics and Network Forensics

Portcullis has the capability to conduct a full range of chip-on forensics both on the system and across the network in accordance with ACPO guidance. This can accompany our incident response services, or be delivered as a standalone activity as part of a client-managed incident.  Read more…

Portcullis Brochures available to download

Find Portcullis at table 726 in the South Hall – See below for a floor plan of the event.