Tried, Tested and Proven

Where do I begin, today we celebrate our 23rd Birthday, we have gone through the growing pains, through the awkward teens and are now facing life as an adult. Its been quite a ride so far and, the truth is, we are just getting started.

The good ship Portcullis, privately owned and still steered by the founding directors; Mark Lane, Paul Docherty and Peter Edgeler, having spent most of its life moored up in the grange barn in Pinner (how I miss that barn) sailed the short distance to its new Dock at Portcullis House.

As the team prepare to pass over the keys to Cisco, and finally the 3 Amigos become 2 and then eventually 1, I thought it would be nice to look back at what is quite a glittering palmares and pay homage to what has been achieved so far.

  • 1992: Portcullis was formally Incorporated (truth be told, the dream began in 1986).
  • 1996: Portcullis launches their Security Testing Services.
  • 1998: Portcullis is elected the penetration testing company of choice for the 1998 World Cup Electronic store.
  • 1999: Portcullis becomes a founding member of the CESG CHECK Scheme, a scheme still running today of which Portcullis is the only company to never fall off the green light list.
  • 2006: Portcullis becomes a PCI Authorised Scanning Vendor
  • 2007: Portcullis initiates the creation of CREST, this was a major change within our industry and a huge improvement in standards across the UK testing community.
  • 2010: Portcullis launches their CTADS service, again ahead of the curve, having a dedicated service for Cyber Incident Response Services.
  • 2012: Portcullis becomes a founder member of the UK CERT Forum.
  • 2013: Portcullis celebrates its 21st Birthday with ISO 27001 accreditation, in the same month is selected as a supplier for the G-Cloud Framework.
  • 2014 March: Portcullis achieves CREST CSIR accreditation upon first attempt.
  • 2014 August: Portcullis moves to its new home, Portcullis House.
  • 2014 October: Portcullis becomes the first company to achieve CSTAR accreditation from CREST.
  • 2014 November: Portcullis becomes the first accredited supplier of CBEST, CBEST is a new intelligence led testing framework run by The Bank of England and delivered through the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers or CREST.
  • 2015: Portcullis celebrates its 23rd year in business and Cisco announce their intention to acquire the company.

When you think about it, the achievements over the past 23 years are incredibly impressive; especially when you consider the global events the directors have managed the company through and yet present a strong and financially attractive company that many admire.

With a final glance at the past the directors would like to share the message below with you as valued clients, employees (past & present) and partners for your ongoing support:

“We owe you all a massive debt and salute all of those who have supported and helped us along the way on what has been wonderful journey and for those that didn’t, shame on you!!” The Three Amigos 11/11/2015
The future is bright but it may not be purple, which I would imagine for Paul Docherty is a truly wonderful thing as he hates our company colour with a passion.

With Cisco about to take ownership, we have been challenged with one key goal, to drive the Cisco Advisory Service to be the largest and most impressive security consultancy in the world. Given our track record its understandable why they have such confidence in our potential and we are truly excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

I would like to finish off this birthday message with a personal special thanks to the Directors. It has been an incredible pleasure working for Portcullis for the past 4 and a half years and working in what has been, and what I have been assured will continue to be, a family business, for years to come.

Enjoy retirement padre, you’ve earned it.

Ben Lane