Tried, Tested and Proven

The Crown Commercial Service has awarded Portcullis a place on G-Cloud 6.

G-Cloud is the digital marketplace designed to be a key plank of Her Majesty’s Government’s (HMG) strategy to help departments find the services and technology they need to deliver digital projects in the public sector.

As a regularly updated platform G-Cloud 6 is the latest version of this digital datacentre for finding the tools and skills required. Portcullis is pleased to be an approved supplier on G-Cloud 6 and has been an approved supplier to HMG ever since the inception of CHECK, CLAS and CAPs back in the 1990s. This represents the latest chapter in our long track record as a trusted provider to the public sector.

There are 19,000 different services digitally available to government, G-Cloud 6 helps procurement teams filter down to find what they need more easily and accurately. Portcullis has 29 listings which can be viewed here.

Portcullis is proud to play a key role as an approved supplier in providing a wide range of information security services to the public sector: in particular our intelligence led security testing services, such as our CSTAR red teaming service to government through G-Cloud 6, where the procurement process is easier for both the customer and the supplier. The search facilities have been improved to make the choices available more discerning and accurate.

The Cabinet Office’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is there to manage the procurement of digital services by bringing together policy and advice to help the public sector buy commercial services.

Through its digital by default policy for procurement, HMG are determined to streamline the process whilst making it easier to engage more with small and medium enterprises, in line with the government policy, to transform the way they buy services from the private sector.