Tried, Tested and Proven


Portcullis is proud to announce our part in a new cyber insurance service with a unique cyber risk helpline. The offering was launched on Tuesday by Markel Insurance in response to increasing awareness within the insurance space of cyber threats and data security issues. This cyber risk cover is a new addition to their existing products.

The solution includes a unique cyber risk helpline provided by specialist solicitors DAC Beachcroft and Portcullis, who will offer technical expertise to assist clients with risk management as part of their incident response.

Portcullis’ highly skilled security practitioners will be on call during office hours to offer practical advice and help to the insured.

This new service reflects the size of risk so that it can ably serve the expectations of SMEs as well as larger organisations.

Currently the cyber insurance market is far from mature and Portcullis involvement in this pioneering project shows us to be forward thinking. Whilst relatively few organisations have cyber risk cover at present, we anticipate the market appetite will grow in the relatively new future. When the new EU Data Regulations are implemented, as early as the end of 2015, it is considered highly likely that breach notification legislation will be part of those regulations. If this happens we expect a surge in companies seeking cyber risk cover; just as there has already been in the USA. These companies, if breached, will need to implement remedial measures that require the technical expertise of a company like Portcullis. This offering with its cyber risk helpline fulfils that need.

The service is only available through the exclusive triumvirate of Markel, DAC Beachcroft and Portcullis Computer Security.