Respond to threats

The respond side of our business is there to address the unexpected and unplanned. This includes traditional network forensics and incident response, for those challenges within the workforce and the wider world.Respond to Threats

As an extension of this, our CTADS service provides incident response designed explicitly to identify, contain, understand and remediate cyber attacks. Drawing on those sound digital forensic skills, Portcullis also provides eDisclosure or litigation support services, covering both the acquisition and discovery activities.

The teams delivering these services have been structured
with a view to responding rapidly to requirements, including a same-day response service. There is much that can be done to prepare for such events by optimising procedure, process, system configuration and project initiation.

We provide consultancy to help organisations prepare for such events and can complete projects on an ad hoc basis or under a service level agreement. Why not read our First Responder guide book? (downloadable pdf)

Download Portcullis Response Brochure Here

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