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Incident response

Secure collection and handling of electronic data is essential to every organisation.
In the aftermath of a security incident, you need a quick response and accurate identification.Incident ResponseIf the security surrounding this information is breached, an immediate and comprehensive response is needed to diagnose, fix and secure the problem so an organisation may move forward. With Portcullis forensics incident response, our expert consultants work with you to prepare your organisation to respond quickly and effectively to a security incident.

For many organisations, the most challenging aspect of creating an incident response plan is the lack of visibility into an evolving threat landscape, and what proven practices work well when responding to an Incident.

Our incident response may cover a wide range of topics, and our primary aim is to work with existing response staff to provide an additional service capability. Why not read our First Responder guide book? (downloadable pdf).
Deep technical support for existing investigations is also available.

IR topics include but are not limited to:

  • Theft or leakage of Intellectual Property.
  • Employee harassment by email.
  • Unlawful intrusion into corporate IT systems.
  • Fraud, threat or extortion.
  • Possession and or dissemination of illegal images using corporate IT systems.
  • Denial of service attacks.
  • Employee breaches of corporate acceptable use policies (AUP).

Why Incident response?

  • Even the most vigilant, secure organisations can face acts of fraud, theft, computer intrusions,
    and other computer security incidents.
  • Without up-front planning for Incident Response, it is much more difficult to recover from an incident.
  • Without a formal process in place critical information may be lost.
  • These procedures can be thought of as the Incident Handling Life Cycle.