Tried, Tested and Proven

Vulnerability title: Vertical Privilege Escalation in Symmetricom s350i

CVE: CVE-2014-5070
Vendor: Symmetricom
Product: s350i
Affected version: 2.70.15
Fixed version: N/A
Reported by: Mike Emery


The Team discovered that unauthenticated user could access web application functionality and content for higher privilege users. This issue affected all the functionality within the application. The issue resides in the code that pushes unauthenticated users back to the login page, in that it does not prevent the unauthenticated request from being processed.

Note: Whilst the application correctly detects whether the user making the request has successfully authenticated and has a valid session, it continues to process the users’ request even having detected that a user is not logged in.


This type of privilege escalation occurs when a user or process is able to obtain a higher level of access than an administrator or system developer intended. In addition, a lack of input validation could enable an attacker to exploit any flaw allowing unauthorised code to run with application privileges.


Exploit code is not required

Vendor status:

30/05/2014 Advisory created
10/06/2014 Vendor contacted
09/07/2014 Vendor contact reattempted
28/07/2014 CVE obtained and provisional release date set
13/08/2014 Final vendor contact initiated
20/08/2014 First vendor response
20/08/2014 Vendor advised of release date and more information on fix time
frame requested
28/08/2014 Vendor contacted to re-emphasise release dates as no response from
previous contact was received
29/08/2014 Vendor responded requesting a discussion before release. This was
not possible due to time zone differences
29/08/2014 Published
01/09/2014 In discussion with vendor following a period of non-response


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