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Vulnerability title: Remote Denial Of Service In SISCO SNAP-Lite Utility

CVE: CVE-2015-6574
Vendor: SISCO
Product: SNAP-Lite Utility
Affected version: V3.2000
Fixed version: V3.2000.2
Reported by: Jerzy Kramarz


SISCO SNAP-Lite Utility V3.2000 is prone to a remote denial of service via specially crafted packet to SNAP-Lite server listening on default port 102/tcp.


An attacker would be able to remotely create a DoS condition where the server consumes maximum allowed CPU.


In order to reproduce this issue the following steps should be taken:

  1. Create a base64 encoded Proof of Concept with the following content:
  2. Decode and replay the above request using the netcat command:
    base64 -d PoC.b64 | nc <IP> 102
  3. In a separate window observe the output the top command and observe process CPU usage


The vendor has released a patch.

Vendor status:

28/07/2015 Advisory created
29/07/2015 Initial vendor contact established
01/09/2015 MITRE assigned CVE-2015-6574
11/09/2015 Vendor released a patch on 4th Sept 2015
13/01/2016 Published

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