Tried, Tested and Proven


As more and more information is stored in electronic format, eDisclosure (ED) has become a necessity for numerous businesses on the wrong side of not only litigation, but also compliance and regulatory issues. Electronic Disclosure (eDisclosure) – Myths and RealityThere are a number of popular misconceptions about eDisclosure, and we will explore some of these in this post.

Every case requires eDisclosure

Not necessarily – certainly it is something that needs to be considered, but it’s not always going to be required. Whilst exploration of eDisclosure as a potential exercise should be entertained, no two cases are the same, so not every case will require ED to take place. As with any case, it will be up to your legal team (and the opposing team) to make the decision on whether eDisclosure is necessary, as they may well have a far more effective plan to achieve the desired outcome which bypasses the need for eDisclosure. Continue reading