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Portcullis regularly gets contacted by organisations seeking help with regards to cyber attacks. Motivation varies, with some taking a proactive stance against a perceived threat, others may have been warned of imminent threats to their organisation and some may consider themselves to be under attack. Are traditional security measures capable of handling many cyber attacks?What constitutes a ‘cyber attack’ varies, and I’m not going to try to define it here (nor do I much like the term), but at Portcullis we are exposed to client’s challenges relating to; state sponsored espionage, hacktivism, criminal gangs, malware, SCADA, DDoS, etc. My role in Portcullis sees me working with clients to design and manage our response to the client’s requirements in this space.

Some organisations demonstrate a good security posture and the route to meeting their security goals is comparatively straight forward. However, we find that good number of organisations demonstrate poor security posture; for whatever reason, they have managed to survive with security someway-off good practice. We encounter cultural issues, where security is a low priority, poor patching, no segregation, lack of assurance, poor monitoring, unsupported legacy systems and more. Continue reading

White Hat Rally are this year adopting the theme of pirates and smugglers with a stunning long weekend of fun, challenges and driving in Pieces of V8!White Hat Rally 2013

The event is being held 21-23 June 2013 and is open to anyone and everyone aged 18 or over. Teams will require a non-commercial vehicle with four wheels and a sense of humour for the pirates and smugglers fancy dress, and antics to match.

Starting near Exeter and taking in miles of scenic countryside on small windy roads, the route will be challenging and include many of the amazing sights and attractions that Devon has to offer.

On-site registration will take place near Exeter on the evening of Thursday 20 June 2013 and the event will finish on the afternoon of Sunday 23 June 2013. Portcullis will also be taking part in this years event. Especially since we have won the best designed car since the events inception in 2009. Continue reading

As more and more information is stored in electronic format, eDisclosure (ED) has become a necessity for numerous businesses on the wrong side of not only litigation, but also compliance and regulatory issues. Electronic Disclosure (eDisclosure) – Myths and RealityThere are a number of popular misconceptions about eDisclosure, and we will explore some of these in this post.

Every case requires eDisclosure

Not necessarily – certainly it is something that needs to be considered, but it’s not always going to be required. Whilst exploration of eDisclosure as a potential exercise should be entertained, no two cases are the same, so not every case will require ED to take place. As with any case, it will be up to your legal team (and the opposing team) to make the decision on whether eDisclosure is necessary, as they may well have a far more effective plan to achieve the desired outcome which bypasses the need for eDisclosure. Continue reading

No Portcullis has not branched out into making miniature televisions, or planes! This is a picture of one of the lucky winners of our prize draw at this year’s Portcullis Arms. One of the many ways we celebrated the 10th year of our famous hospitality event was by giving away several iPad-minis, thereby making our happy clients, even happier. Continue reading

The 10th Portcullis Arms event was held at Earls Court on the 23rd to 25th of April. As you may recall, the weather for those three days of festivities was absolutely stunning.

We had a record breaking number of guests this year, and the event was headed by our ever popular host, Clive, and his lovely assistants. They were all on hand to attend the needs of all our guests and made sure everyone felt right at home.

The various entertainers we hired to work the crowd were superb. The circus man literally kept all those involved awed by his juggling fire torch skills, not to mention the magician who would give the great Dynamo a run for his money. The caricaturist and silhouette man where also on hand to whip up a Picasso style portrait of anyone in less then ten minutes. The venue was literally buzzing from noon till evening with great entertainment and live music over the three days. Continue reading