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How safe is my iCloud?

With the recent compromise of celebrity accounts on Apple’s iCloud, most likely due to a vulnerability that allowed unlimited brute forcing, there is understandably some debate about how such services can be used securely. Whilst as security professionals we inevitably come back to the point that no technology will ever be 100% secure, it does appear that in this instance the attack was relatively trivial in nature. What made it so effective was that victims (and many users alike) were unfamiliar with Continue reading

Passwords will remain a recurring topic in IT security, whether we like them or not, they are a key control and one which shows no signs of being replaced. The key issue with passwords is the people who set them, the individual! We all know that most users put little effort into setting them and sadly they also put little thought into the implications of systems they are used on being compromised. As can be seen from the spate of recent high profile password leaks. Continue reading