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Build review

A Build Review is a structured analysis of a system’s configuration against industry good practices for that system. Build ReviewNowadays where a server image is replicated over and over again to save time and effort, it is necessary to ensure that the original image is secure, to the fullest extent possible. The result of the Build Review is a diagnosis of any security flaws that are present or by any deviation from the suggested configuration. These flaws will be identified in a Technical Report together with a description of the associated risks and recommendations for their remediation.

Portcullis can perform Build Reviews on all mainstream operating systems as well as a number of common components, such as firewalls, routers, database software and web server software.

The focus is set on the following areas:

  • Base configuration (file permissions, standard services)
  • User permissions
  • 3rd party software permissions
  • Local policy
  • Good security practices
  • Hardening